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Georges Helfer SA is offering its training courses on Exotic fruits in partnership with Coop for some years now.

We promulgate advises on the conservation of these sensitive products as well as on their presentation. Among others things, we explain all the journey that an exotic fruit covers before arriving in stores.

A workshop “shelving” is carried out by the COOP.

For us and our client COOP, this partnership allowed us to exchange information and news.

Thanks to COOP for giving us its confidence but also for its participation!

We have received on our premises the department manager of Manor,  to strengthen knowledge on exotic fruits.

Workshops with themes: Avocados and Mangos

Thanks to the Manor team for this day!

On the night of March 10th, the happy Helfer team took advantage of a full moon night to go snowshoeing.

The hike took place in an almost surreal setting, the full moon, the snow and the fir trees were at the rendez-vous, only missing the wolves.

After effort comes comfort!

Indeed, after this unique experience, the team has shared a half-and-half fondue and a glass of local white wine that everyone could savoured.

The return journey took place by bus in joy and good humor. Thank you to everyone who attended that evening!

We are pleased to announce that on January the 1st 2017 PPO Services AG has taken over 100% of the shares of Georges Helfer SA (Switzerland) in Gland.

This step was taken to guarantee the continuity of Georges Helfer SA on the long term.

For PPO Services AG, it is a complementing of its services already offered. Georges Helfer SA (the company name stays unchanged), will remain independent. Its employees will be taken over completely.

Both parties will do their utmost to keep up with the demanded services and to be your partners of confidence. For further information please contact Daniel Buchmüller or Peter Frey.